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Due to the current situation, this has been a challenging period for tour guides, as well as tour operators and educators the world over. 

As a licensed tour guide and professional photographer, I am now offering virtual video tours around Israel. I know some people are giving virtual tours while they are physically at the location - this can lead to slow internet connections, as well as poor video and audio quality.


I am doing things differently - I travel to the location BEFORE the virtual tour and record high-definition stabilised footage. Then, at home with a fast internet connection, I give the tour via Zoom, live narrating the location, and conducting interactive Q&As with the audience.

I am currently building a library of locations but any location within Israel is available on request - I just need a few days notice to go to the location and record.

This is all very new, and I welcome suggestions about how to improve virtual tours going forward. Please be in touch with me with any questions or for a quote at jonny.finkel@gmail.com.